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  • Ink Caboodle is an e-commerce shopping complex for Whole sale users offering personal, institutional and office stationery. We offer to the Wholesaler of Stationery business, the platform to enjoy the benefits of importing and buying in bulk for their further supplies to stationery dealers and retail Stores spread all over India.
  • The keys to brand success are self-definition, transparency, reliability, authenticity, accountability and most important is price.
  • We offer best quality products with wide varieties of the most reputed brands such as ADD, Aerotix, Alkosign , Alnico, Apex, Apsara , Arrow, Artline , Complex, Flair, Freemans, Handson, Ikon, Luxor, Ortix, Parker, Picasso, Pierre Cardin, Royal, San Disk ,Solo , Writeaway etc..
  • This virtual stationery market brings a wide variety of product at discounted rates (as 20%, 30%, 45%, 50%, 75%). The main emphasis is given to meet all the requirements of a wholeseller at one place and in one go.
  • For us it is still “Day 1” from where we began to learn how to work on our investments in technology and innovation to transform way India sells. The foremost emphasis is given to our customers as ‘In a way, customers proved to be the runners of any company’.